Information Technology, Financial and Engineering Executive Recruiters
Information Technology, Financial and Engineering Executive Recruiters

Strategic Services

Performance and Hiring Strategies

chess-board-men-blueFinding the right person for your team is a lot more than what is on their resume and a gut feeling.

We are able to offer you corporate wide detailed job and insight assessments including best fit strategies. We utilize effective state of the art assessment tools that will significantly help you in your decision making process. These are low cost and easy diagnostics that can teach you more about someone in thirty minutes than you could learn in a year working together.

The information you receive is immediate and unique to your organization. The knowledge gathered will give you vital keys in order to meet the needs of your most valuable assets-your people.

We have watched great talent come alive within an organization by simply adapting to different behavioural styles. This process provides clarity for the new hire and increases the likelihood of long term success, while at the same time, reducing turnover.

Job Benchmarking

Employee pushing a piece into a puzzle wall.Our benchmarking process begins by determining key accountabilities that are vital to the job’s sole existence. Rather than sketching the ideal candidate, we determine what the ideal candidate looks like by considering:

  1. What personal skills are needed for the job?
  2. How does the job reward superior performance?
  3. If you had an employee with the right attitude, for the job, how long would it take to give them the right experience?

Once you determine the key accountabilities, an assessment of the talent will compare the job and the applicant to determine compatibility. This information will provide you with the certainty that your hiring decision will yield both immediate and long term results.

CEO and Executive Coaching

Currently there is limited space available. Please contact us directly for details.

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